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Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Most owners consider their pets to be not only faithful companions but also members of their family. Fifty percent of all dogs over the age of ten will be stricken with cancer each year. Although it is a leading cause of death in geriatric pets, many forms can be treated.

Many localized tumors can be surgically removed. Chemotherapy may be appropriate in some circumstances. Dr. Gibson has advanced training in Clinical Pathology and the microscopic diagnosis of cancers. In many cases we can do a same day, non invasive needle biopsy to get answers for you and your pet fast

How will my pet respond to chemotherapy? This is a common question among pet owners when facing this difficult decision of whether to proceed with treatment. Chemotherapy in pets is administered in a way that gives the pet the best quality of life. Doses and schedules are regulated to keep the pet feeling as normal as possible. Many pet owners are surprised at how well their pet does during and after a chemotherapy treatment.